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Praise: Testimonials
Yvette Kinkade - Life Coach - Photo by Peter Petinos Creative


Meeting Yvette at a critical juncture in my life was a turning point for which I'm immensely grateful. After facing redundancy following 11 years of work at the same company, I aspired to start my own marketing business. However, I lacked direction and confidence, which are essential for venturing into the entrepreneurial world. My confidence has soared, and my perspective on life underwent a remarkable transformation.

My life has improved significantly, and so has my marketing business.

 Yvette’s relentless positivity and unwavering support have been instrumental in my progress. She genuinely relishes sharing in my successes while also smoothing out any obstacles along the way. I wholeheartedly recommend her; she's an incredible coach who profoundly changed my life. Thank you, Yvette. You are a guiding light that brought clarity and fulfilment to my world.

- Lori Sorrell

I have changed direction and am walking towards a better place with the sun on my face. I recognise my achievements and love all that I have done. I feel so capable.

- Yvette M

So much progress was made! Life-changing. Starting one small thing at a time and completing it. I stopped feeling so overwhelmed and started gaining hope that the mountain was easier to climb one step at a time.

- Brigitte

Yvette's coaching techniques, exercises and energy enabled me to better know myself, my life purpose, my values and goals. I now have the strategies to improve my decision-making process and feel much more confident knowing now that they are aligned with my life’s objectives.

- Victor D

I highly recommend Yvette. Her 7 hour program has assisted with self sabotage, motivation and confidence. Since working with her I have a better work-life balance, found a new job doing what I am passionate about and a plan to further my career. Her strategies are easy to implement even with a busy lifestyle and can be implemented in a wide range of everyday tasks.

- Beth Mossman

I was really struggling with my motivation, and I was constantly procrastinating. I felt like I didn’t really have a direction in life and wasn’t very sure of myself. I have now gained many skills to help me improve my motivation, and a newfound confidence. I procrastinate way less, and have skills to help when I feel down or stressed.

- Imogen

I have myself back, no more hiding how I feel, pretending and accepting things are great. It's liberating, I'm alive and I'm free of my chains. Yvette is laser-focused and offers valuable insights, strategies and such care. Now to get back to running my business with much more confidence.

- Shreya

I was struggling and very lost. My grief controlled my life, and I couldn't see a way to get sorted and move forward. My most powerful breakthrough was not to be ashamed of telling myself that I could do things and believing it. The most tangible result I created, the one I'm most proud of, was believing in myself enough to apply for a new job, having the best interview I have ever attended and getting the job along with a good pay rise. I couldn't believe how quickly I gained my confidence in myself working with Yvette. I feel so strong, and I'm armed with an "I can do this attitude!"

- Name withheld

Yvette has been inspirational to me and has so much life experience to share.. words of wisdom to helping me turn negative thoughts into positive which is not easy to do sometimes as I am an over thinker. Yvette has lovely persona and I find comfort having someone lift me up. She is not only supportive but authentic and encourages me to be kind to myself. I highly recommend Yvette!

- Heidi. Y

Yvette has insight that cuts through the noise to get results. When I started with Yvette, I felt as though I wasn’t in control of my life, causing my confidence to be at an all-time low. She helped me to understand that I was imposing restrictions and expectations on myself. My awareness was refocused and we explored my values, that was the best part. I have been able to take better control of my life, and that makes me feel like I can do anything. Yvette, thank you.

- Isabel Vincent

Yvette has encouraged me, it’s about little steps, breaking down a huge task and I am feeling so positive. Thank you Yvette - Life Coach For You, without you I’d still be procrastinating and feeling terrible. Now I’m moving forward and kicking goals!!

- Mechelle

Thank you so much for an amazing session today. I really appreciated the way you got me to realise things about myself I had not understood before. Thank you for that.

- Maha

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