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Yvette Kinkade - Life Coach - Photo by Peter Petinos Creative


Yvette Kinkade is a certified Life, Confidence Coach and Author.

Before becoming a Coach, Yvette had a six-figure corporate career until burnout and imposter syndrome set in. The death of a beloved family member and her Grandson's birth helped Yvette realise that life was too short and her life needed to shift.

Listening and offering advice was always a passion, and for many years, Yvette was the go-to friend and confidant others came to for great advice. Helping others came naturally, and armed with certification and an exciting fire coach technique, Yvette is helping clients create significant change in a much shorter time frame.

Outside of coaching, Yvette remains the only woman owner and operator of an exciting track day motorsport business across the eastern seaboard of Australia. Participating, facilitating and sharing this exhilarating sport with many is something she loves. Some of her favourite pastimes are days spent with family and friends, motorsport, being on track in her supercharged Monaro, advocating for women, specialty coffee, and exploring new destinations.

Inspiring and forging confidence from as early an age as possible motivated Yvette to write children's books to encourage children to be curiously confident and kind. Confidence originates from a perception of competence and is one of the greatest gifts parents can give a child. 


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