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Do you fear being judged?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Conquer your fear of judgment with these five tips.

1. Know your strengths and limitations.

If you know what you are good at and what your setbacks are, you’re less likely to be affected by what others say or think about you. Be confident in your abilities and know your own shortcomings better than anyone else

2. Resist letting others define you.

People will always have an opinion. Understanding that they’re entitled to their own thoughts is an important step in moving past any fear of being judged. If you are highly impacted by what others think about you, it’s time to take a look at your own self-esteem and confidence.

3. Be aware of the bad self-talk.

That little voice in your head can get pretty loud. Recognising any negative thoughts that creep up on you is the first step in overcoming fear, self-sabotage and self-doubt.

4. Make yourself a priority.

Allowing someone else’s judgment to cloud your own perception of yourself makes them a priority, and gives them power in your life. If you tend to do this, knock it off. You are the expert in your life. You know yourself better than anyone. You have to trust yourself and your abilities. Acknowledge what you are good at and don’t be afraid to own up to things you’re not.

5. Invest in yourself.

Get support with the parts of your life you wish to improve on. Invest in your own personal growth and well-being. Do more of what you enjoy doing. Get that gym membership, do that music class, join a club, read more, get a massage or contact me for a free 30-minute breakthrough call and let's get you back to living your best life!

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