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Fear of Judgement, it's time to take control.

Fear of Judgement - this is one of the most common fears I see. Getting a grip on overcoming the fear of judgment can be difficult to tackle without guidance. Knock this thinking for a six and try this exercise. Answer honestly, with as much detail as possible and WRITE down your answers for max value.

➡Exactly who are you scared will judge you? Name them!

➡Exactly what are you worried they'll say about you? Be specific!

➡Are the things they might say about you really true? What's a different way of looking at it?

➡How judgemental of others are you? What is your commitment here when it comes to compassion, understanding & grace with others?

➡If you weren’t scared of what other people think, how would you show up in the world? What would you do? How would that feel?

➡What do you feel inspired to do after this exercise?

Now go and have a go and do it! And don't forget to let me know how you go! 🥳

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