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How to own the moment.

Here are some easy tips to ground yourself and own the moment and be absolutely present and grounded.

1. Scan you

Imagine you have a red laser, starting at your feet, scan your toes, the base of your feet, the tops of your feet, your ankles, your calves, your shins…. Work your way up to the tip of your head with the laser. As you are scanning notice any feelings, pain or messages from your body.

Your body communicates with you all day, every day, and it is important to tune into these signals. Focusing on our body helps us notice our physical reactions.. Tune in to what your body is doing, create a deeper awareness of these physical sensations.

2. Breathe you

Breathwork alleviates stress and anxiety and when your feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or not in tune with your world, this simple exercise will lead you back to where you feel present.

Take one short breath through the nose and then a second long breath through the nose then exhale with lips pursed through the mouth. Repeat this five times.

Focus on the breath as you inhale and exhale, keep your mind clear.

You should feel a deep sensory change across your whole body.

3. Thank you

What is the one thing you can do, look at, smell or say to invoke gratitude? A fav of mine is finding that photo that resonates with you and placing myself amongst all its beauty.

Appreciate the little things and notice how your mood can change someone else’s day. Make a gesture that helps us put life into perspective, say hi to a stranger, this is the simple stuff that grounds you to what is real and present, and therefore certain.

4. Endorse you

It’s important to acknowledge what you are feeling day by day and hour by hour. It’s proven that acknowledging emotions, particularly negative ones, takes the power out of them and brings them into the open.

Notice any unusual body language or physical cues and share this guide. Talk about simple pleasures, gratitude and enjoy the emotions. You will also benefit from the real connection you have made by being present and grounded.

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