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Procrastination and an action, any action will do!

Yep, one action, having a cuppa will make the shift. Here are a few tips for overcoming that daunting task you've been avoiding, based on science:​ ​

One action, any action

The key to beating procrastination is action or task. We often give ourselves too many things to do and become overwhelmed. Start by choosing just ONE action that you’ve been procrastinating over and make a commitment to complete that in the next week.

Start today.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to one action, you must take immediate action. Today. If it feels daunting or you don’t think you have enough time to complete the task, what can you complete that moves this forward even the smallest amount in the next ten minutes?

Hour load

The hour load is putting away all distractions and working in concentrated chunks of time followed by short periods of rest, in order to harness the optimal performance of your brain and body. Lock in 15 minutes and then rest and then 15 more and rest.

Science has discovered that our brain naturally goes through cycles with peaks and valleys. To maximize your output, it is vital that you honour these peaks and valleys by balancing concentrated, focused time with relaxation and integration.

Be kind to you

The more you can forgive yourself for past procrastination, the more likely you are to overcome your current procrastination and take action. Practice self-compassion, go make a cuppa instead when you start to think of your past experience procrastinating.

Turn the volume up. Pick a song that really gets you pumped and play it whenever you want to tackle something you’ve been procrastinating. The brain likes to have a trigger to create a new habit, plus you’re more likely to follow through when you’re feeling good in your body.

Understand the why?

Sometimes, it can be helpful to understand exactly why you’ve been procrastinating on a specific task. Are you afraid of something? Maybe you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Fill in the sentence; “I’m avoiding this task because…” or “I’m avoiding this task because I’m afraid that….” And see what shows up. Identifying your fears can help you realize that things just aren’t as bad as you think.

Kick it to the curb

Most people put way too much on their action lists. One way to stop procrastinating something is to decide you’re never going to do it. What can you take off your to-do list? Try crossing something off your list simply because you realize you don’t really need to do that thing...ever. Give yourself permission to kick that action to the curb!

Laugh and make it fun.

Another way to motivate yourself to complete a task is to create a reward that you will give yourself once it’s been completed. What can you treat yourself to once you’ve finished this task? The human brain responds to reward stimuli and this can be a good way to create habits.

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