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Resentment. Tips to shift it out of here.

Expectations are premeditated resentments. I read that somewhere and when I think about it, there's much truth in it. So, if you want to let go of resentment and feel free of its chains, try these four easy tips and let me know how you go?

Think good vibes for the person you resent.

What’s the opposite of anger, hate, or fear? That’s right: love. By sending only love toward someone, praying that they receive all the wonderful things you want for yourself in life, you’re slowly chiselling away at negative emotions that do you more harm than good. Try it.!

Set sometime aside each day to think good thoughts about someone you resent, wishing them well with kind blessings. Say it out loud, “please give love, health and peace to X today.” Ok, it will feel a tiny awkward, not to mention difficult. But persevere. It may take weeks, months, or even years, but eventually, you’ll notice where there were once ill feelings, now there is peace and love. Persevere and try to do it every day for at least three weeks.

2. Touch base with what motivates you

The best way to eliminate resentment is not to set yourself up for it.

Think about when people ask you to do things for them. Is there a chance you ask yourself, “what am I going to get out of it?” You may have some resentment about it.

When you give without expectations—only when you’re comfortable giving for the sake of it—you’re less likely to resent people for letting you down.

3. Have Gratitude.

This one never gets old, I love it!

A heart that is full of gratitude has little room for resentment. Write yourself a gratitude list, put pen to paper and write down at least ten things you’re grateful for in that particular moment. It’s really difficult to resent what you don’t have when you’re focusing your energy on what you do have.

4. Stay open to different endings.

Reducing resentment takes practice and mindfulness. Become aware of the triggers and how that feeling of resentment manifests and why.

We all have the ability to manage expectations, change our state of mind, and ultimately be happy regardless of how we expect things will unfold.

Want more strategies? Let's chat. Book a free 30-minute breakthrough call to take steps into a happier place of brilliance that you are in control of.

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