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You are both your cage and your key.

What cages have you freed yourself of, or are you working on releasing yourself from one right now?

We are often in these cages through stories created that we tell ourselves, stories of our unworthiness and insecurities. Want to unlock the cage?

Here are a few easy exercises to get you started:

Try This:

When you are faced with something you are convincing yourself you can’t do or face, identify what you believe about yourself that is stopping you from achieving what you want.

Ask yourself:

· Why do you believe this to be true about yourself?

· Does your reason for the belief sound convincing to you?

· What if you did it anyway?

· What would be the best thing and worst thing that could happen?

In our minds, many situations are loud and beyond truth and reason. The same goes for our beliefs too. We justify the hell out of not doing something. What if we explained our reasons for taking action? We may feel the same fear but simultaneously be assured that the worst that could happen may not be so bad. Conversely, the best that could happen may be much better than we had initially hoped for.

Try This:

Recall the last time you felt completely confident in your action.

Ask yourself:

· What was the situation, and what did you do?

· Why do you think you felt confident at the time?

· Would you be able to borrow this same sense of confidence and carry it over to your current situation?

We all have past experiences that tested our courage, confidence, and capabilities. Sometimes, reminding ourselves that we had accessed the same courage before and can do it again can help us conquer our cage and provide the key to be set free.

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