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You can't make everyone happy, you are not pizza!

You can’t make everyone happy, why keep trying? People-pleasing can have you in situations where you just don't want to be. So how do you escape the people-pleasing cycle?

Arm yourself with these few tips and break free.

Say NO more often, it feels good, try it! Noooooooooooo

If you can’t say no off the bat, learn to say, “Can I let you know later? This allows you time to decide how important this is to you and think through all the pros and cons.

Set boundaries if you decide to say yes, decide on a time that you will commit and stick to it and get outta there.

Don’t be scared of what will happen if you say No. It’s never ever as bad as you think it’s going to be, trust yourself.

Reward yourself with acknowledgement and kindness for saying No! Because you know what? You’ve got this!

People-pleasing undermines confidence and leaves you feeling anxious. I would love to help you stop the people-pleasing and help you level up into a happier space where you can thrive! Let’s chat!

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