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8 tips to help you make the leap to your growth zone

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

So often we yearn to step out of our Comfort Zone, that's the zone where we feel oh so safe, and in control; however, the first step out is into our Fear Zone.

Our Fear Zone is where our lack of self-confidence resides and undermines many aspects of our lives. This zone is where we find excuses and are often affected by the opinions of others, so leaping out into this zone comes with its stressors.

Know that the Learning Zone is closer than you think, and it's just a few steps through fear and our limiting beliefs. The Learning Zone is the start of your journey to your authentic self. It is where we ascertain and uncover how to deal with challenges and problems, we acquire new skills, and it is a place to extend our comfort zone.

What comes next? The zone we work for, and this is where happiness and purpose are fulfilled, in our Growth zone. The Growth Zone is the sky where there is no limit, it's where we find our purpose, live our dreams, set goals and conquer objectives.

Enjoy these few tips to help you make the leap to your growth zone.

  1. Switch up your routine

  2. Move toward your fears

  3. Try something new until you feel comfortable

  4. Say 'YES' more often

  5. Volunteer

  6. Do something you're afraid of

  7. Allow others to decide for you

  8. Remember tomorrow is a new day and you've got this!

Want to get to your Growth Zone sooner? It starts by contacting me for a chat., I look forward to hearing from you.

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